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Design and Production Artist in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue,
Provence, I create objects made of cardboard for
architects, decorators, antique dealers, and consumers...
Art history, design and architecture are my passions.
I bring together inspiration from the Flemish school
of painting and the spirit of Italian Renaissance
and combine them with contemporary art to invent
new styles. My mirrors, framesand installations are
mostly made to order, and have been distributed and
installed in France, Spain, England, Mexico, the USA, Australia...
Whether raw or painted, plain or undulated, in flat surfaces
or sculpted into complex volumes, cardboard can undergo limitless
transformations. Objects are produced entirely by hand
with the help of a cutting board, a razor blade knife and glue.
The matte-silk paints deliver deep, vibrant and uniform colors
that are durable and washable.
Please contact me to discuss your ideas or projects, and to inquire
about pricing, production times, shipping options....